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Analysis: Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood...?

Tue 24 Aug 2021 | 02:55 PM
Nawal Sayed

The Taliban movement is still a focus of discussion, whether in virtual reality on social networking sites or in political and journalistic circles in Egypt.

The latest news was a comment by journalist Ibrahim Issa, in which he said that "the Brotherhood is on their way to Afghanistan... within months (and perhaps weeks)."

Analysis: Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood...?

Issa added that the fleeing Brotherhood members will resort to the Taliban, noting that Kabul will turn (under the auspices of countries that support the Brotherhood and the Taliban) into the headquarters of the new global organization.

"The Brotherhood is on its way to Afghanistan... within months (and maybe weeks) the fleeing and persecuted Brotherhood's associates will resort to the Taliban. Kabul (with the auspices of countries that support the Brotherhood and the Taliban) will turn into the headquarters of the new global organization," the well-known journalist said.

Analysis: Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood...?

What Issa wrote sparked controversy among his followers, as one of them asked him: Why is the Taliban not considered a national liberation movement, and not a terrorist organization?

The fall of the “Taliban” movement in 2001 was an inspiring start for the Brotherhood leaders in their organizational repositioning in the depth of Afghanistan, and their penetration into the joints of cultural, intellectual, social and sovereign institutions.

In June 2002, 30 fundamentalist leadership announced the establishment of a political entity representing the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan, under the name "Afghan Association for Reform and Social Development", in the Timni district of the capital, Kabul.

This entity obtained official approval from the Ministry of Justice and included 35 branches. It put at the forefront of its goals the influence on the various social classes, in order to achieve for the group the dissemination of its intellectual literature.

A large number of private educational schools, more than 4 institutes for girls’ education, 8 schools for teaching Islamic sciences, and 7 specialized institutes for teacher training, are affiliated with the Afghan Association for Reform and Social Development Association.

Al-Islah Institute for Preparing and Qualifying Female Teachers, established in 2008. It is concerned with the study of Arabic language and Islamic studies, and "Islah al-Nazmiya", established in 2006 in the city of Jalalabad, and "Dar Al Uloom al-Islamiyya", established in 2008, and "Al Falah" School for Girls, established in 2009 in the city of Jalalabad, and specialized in preparing leadership cadres in Intellectual, scientific and professional fields.