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Amnesty International: Trump Incited Violence, Intimidation in USA

Fri 08 Jan 2021 | 10:59 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Amnesty International Organization commented on the storming of the Capitol by supporters of the US outgoing President Donald Trump during the Senate debate on the results of the Electoral College, saying that "Trump incited violence and intimidation."

The organization said in a tweet via Twitter that "Trump, through his refusal to accept the election results, incited violence and intimidation in the country.

The organization issued a statement stressing that "these are not the actions of a leader, but the actions of an instigator."

It believed that "Trump's support of white fanatic groups and extremists, led to an increase in the fires of chaos and violence."

It slammed Trump since there are not actions of a leader, but an instigator.

Trump’s embrace of white supremacist groups & extremists has further fanned the flames of chaos & violence we witnessed.

On the other hand, the majority of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to reject President Donald Trump's allies' objection to confirming Democratic candidate Joe Biden's victory in Pennsylvania in the presidential election.

The US House of Representatives rejects a second objection to the results of the presidential elections The US Congress resumes the joint session for counting the electoral votes

The House of Representatives' rejection of this measure came two hours after the Senate voted to reject it, also by 92 votes to seven.

The US Senate also rejected the earlier objection to the results of the Arizona presidential election, with a majority of 93 members compared to only 6 in favor of the appeals.

Once the vote in the House of Representatives is completed, Congress will resume its joint session to consider election results from other states.

The Congress had resumed the joint session of the House and Senate to count the electoral votes and final approval of the election results after they were suspended after the storming of the Capitol building by supporters of Trump.