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Amazon's First Headquarters Hits Market for $2.3 Mln

Mon 29 Jan 2024 | 05:20 PM
Israa Farhan

Jeff Bezos owns properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but one home linked to the Amazon founder has just hit the market for $2.3 million.

This home, located in Bellevue, Washington, holds a significant place in Amazon's history as it was the garage of this house that Bezos rented when he founded Amazon in 1994, back when it was an online bookstore.

According to records, it's located at 10704 NE 28th St in Bellevue, Washington. Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 when he was in his thirties, in the garage of this house.

He and his then-wife, Mackenzie Scott, rented the home after moving to Washington.

They reportedly paid $890 in monthly rent, as reported by The Wall Street Journal in 2011.

Bezos partially liked the house because he wanted to be able to boast about building a startup from a garage, following the Silicon Valley tradition, according to the magazine.

The house has been renovated since Bezos lived there. It was built in 1954 but was renovated in 2001, according to its Zillow listing, with 1,540 square feet of living space.

It was sold for $182,000 in 1998, then $375,000 in 2005, $620,000 in 2009, and most recently, $1.53 million in 2019, according to Zillow.

It hit the market with an asking price of around $2.3 million on January 18.

While far more modest than any of Bezos's more recent homes, it's safe to say this house was key to building Bezos's billions—$183 billion, to be exact.