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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Photos: Amazighs Worldwide Celebrate New Amazigh Year 'Yennayer'

Thu 12 Jan 2023 | 11:15 PM
Rana Atef

Today, the Amazigh people worldwide celebrated the Amazigh New Year what's called Yennayer in Amazigh's language. On this day the Amazigh entered the year 2973.

In Algeria, the Amazigh year is linked with agriculture and the beginning of the agricultural year.

The day was declared a public holiday in the country in 2018 after the Amazigh language became one of the official languages of Algeria.

People visited several markets ahead of the celebrations. They also prepared traditional food is orikmen and Tagola.

The Amazigh people of the southeast prepare couscous for the night of January 12, every year, as a cultural ritual celebrating 'Id Suggas'. 

They hide a piece of almond or a date seed in the Couscous and the one who finds the seed or the piece of almond will be called "blessed" according to traditions.

In Morocco, the Yennayer celebrations are based around family gatherings, in addition, most families get up early to prepare a number of traditional dishes and wear traditional clothes.

Couscous with seeds of dates or almond pieces is one of the top dishes.

Other dishes common in the celebrations are “tagola,” as well as “irkmen."

Music, dancing, and parades are also included. The songs express love, prosperity, and fertility. 

The year’s beginning coincides with the flowering of almond trees, making it a good occasion to hope for an agricultural prosperity.

In rural areas, people also seek to put an emphasis on socializing, trying to resolve outstanding misunderstandings, and exchanging food with neighbors.

In Tunisia, There are several traditions that accompany the food of the occasion.

Besides dancing and singing special songs of love, fertility, and prosperity to embrace the new year.

People in rural side find a chance to socialize, exchange food, and seek reconciliation with those with whom they have misunderstandings.