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Ahmed Moussa Skeptical of Reconciliation with Qatar

Wed 06 Jan 2021 | 12:17 PM
Nawal Sayed

Egyptian well-known media figure Ahmed Moussa topped the trend list of Twitter after his statements about the Arab reconciliation that took place yesterday, Tuesday, at the Al-Ula summit in Riyadh.

Moussa said on Sada El Balad TV that "Qatar signed two agreements before, in 2013 and 2014, but it did not abide by what was stated in them.”

“If you abide by this one, we will do the same,” he stressed.

The Egyptian anchor added that “Egypt has not waived any of its principles and the 13 conditions,” stressing that no condition will be deleted.

“The 13 demands must be implemented sooner or later,” Moussa reaffirmed.

He pointed out that "Qatar and its media are under Egyptian eye in the coming period, to know whether Doha will adhere to the Al-Ula summit and stop attacking the Egyptian state," noting that the reconciliation is a result of intense work between the four countries and Qatar throughout the past year.”

Moreover, Moussa manifested that he “usually has slammed the father of the incumbent Emir of Qatar for 16 years ago” because he believes in what he says, adding that I’m not optimistic about this reconciliation.”