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Aboul Enein Hails Sports Minister's Achievements, Future Plans

Thu 21 Jan 2021 | 01:20 PM
NaDa Mustafa

Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohammed Aboul Enein praised Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Egypt's Minister of Youth and Sports, for his notable achievements and future plans.


In his word during the parliament plenary session, Aboul Enein underlined the importance to invest in sports, like industry and agriculture.

"The issue is a matter of politics and thinking to reduce the burden on the state," he said, adding that sports investment is the solution."


Moreover, the parliament deputy speaker added that the government must adopt a new investment strategy, explaining that Brazil has 6 million players and exports 1,200 players to the world.

"Egypt is a young country and we must export to the world players like, Mohamed Salah," the lawmaker continued, supporting what he called 'a promotional policy' to invest in sports and achieve good returns.

In addition, Aboul Enein added that the new investment policies must go along with the legislation regarding the sports law, especially in light of the shortage of equipment, halls, and players.


He added that the state should pay more attention to children in villages and Upper Egypt, especially as they have distinctive abilities and represent 'national wealth'.