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Abou El-Enein Mourns Death of Iconic Journalist Makram Mohamed Ahmed

Thu 15 Apr 2021 | 12:31 PM
NaDa Mustafa

Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein mourned the death of Iconic journalist Makram Mohamed Ahmed, former head of Supreme Council of Media Regulation (SCMR), who passed away on Thursday.


"Egypt and the Egyptian press has lost a loyal patriotic writer, who spent years of his life serving and defending the country, as well as issues of justice, truth, and freedom," Abou El-Enein posted on 'Facebook'.

[caption id="attachment_200210" align="alignleft" width="300"]Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein[/caption]


"He is one of the journalism's great symbols," he added, stressing that Makram 'left behind a great legacy of enlightened press writings and patriotic positions that history will always remember.'


Veteran Egyptian Journalist Makram Mohamed Ahmed, passed away earlier today Thursday, at the age of 86, after a long battle with the disease.


Ahmed held many prominent positions, foremost of which, Head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR), head of journalists’ syndicate, chairman of ‘Dar Al-Hilal’ foundation board of directors, and Editor-in-chief of ‘Al-Mussawar’ magazine.