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Abou El-Enein Hails Egypt's Efforts in New, Renewable Energy Sector

Mon 27 Dec 2021 | 01:23 PM
NaDa Mustafa

Egypt's Parliament Deputy Speaker Mohamed Abou El-Enein praised, on Monday, the state's significant efforts in the new and renewable energy sector.


This came, during the parliament's plenary session, chaired by Dr. Hanafi Jabali, to discuss a draft law on the abolition of Hydro Power Projects Executive Authority.


In his word, Abou El-Enein said that the government has taken a good step by presenting a draft law amending some provisions of Laws No. 102 of 1986 on the establishment of the Development Authority, and use of new and renewable energy, and No. 203 of 2014 on stimulating the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and the abolition of Hydro Power Projects Executive Authority.


Moreover, Parliament Deputy Speaker stressed the need for the government to adopt governance and rational management initiatives for all the resources, owned by the state, affirming that new and renewable energy is a 'global challenge' and 'the future of Egypt'.


In addition, Abou El-Enein hailed the progress witnessed by Egypt in the energy production field, noting that God has endowed Egypt with many energy generation resources, including solar energy, which reaches between 3,000 and 4,000 hours of sunshine annually, as well as wind energy.


The lawmaker also added that the entire global market is ready for Egyptian energy's export, underlining the importance of making good use of "hydrogen" to save energy.


Abou El-Enein called on the government to lay out a strategy to nominate international companies to invest in this field.