Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

A President Having Humanness Traits, Op-ed

Mon 24 Aug 2020 | 06:08 PM
Elham Abuelfateh

I felt extremely impressed when I read that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi decided to treat the citizen Mahmoud Samir, who suffers from excessive obesity at the state's expense, despite the fact that he is not a senior official nor a cinema star, footballer, or even a public figure; he is just a simple Egyptian citizen.

He used to work as a baker in one of the ovens whose owner fired him when his weight began to increase abnormally, reaching about 257 kilograms and he has become unable to work.

Hence, his life turned into a complete tragedy after doctors confirmed that he could not perform surgery due to the presence of water on the lung and a stomach ulcer.

He suffers from the worst symptoms of obesity, and the result is that he has become trapped between the walls of his house unable to move!

We have a big-hearted president who always feels responsible for every citizen in Egypt and searches for their complaints and problems.

Sisi's stance towards Mahmoud's health reminds me of his various heartfelt humanitarian gestures.

I did not forget the picture of Ahmed Yasser, a cancer patient child who accompanied the president during the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal in October 2014; the child's only wish was to handshake with the president.

Moreover, Sisa Abu Daooh, an Egyptian woman who has lived as a man for 40 years after her husband's death in order to find employment to support her daughter. The president honored her by receiving her in the presidential palace and granting her a cash prize of EGP 50,000.

In addition, Luxor's Tricycle driver Marwa al Abd, who was received by the president at Ittihadiya palace. President Sisi expressed appreciation for el Abd, describing her as an "honorable model" for persistence and success.

I also could recall the scene of Mona El-Sayed who is known in the local media as the 'Woman with the Cart', who touched us very much.

Al-Sayed's photo was widely shared on Facebook. The photo features the woman while dragging a goods tricycle in Alexandria, as she is the breadwinner of her family.

President Sisi honored her and gave al-Sayed the creativity youth award during the first monthly dialogue session for youth.

It is not something odd, our president always responds to the sufferings of any citizen, woman, or child. The most significant features of this president are humanity and mercy.

We couldn't also forget Sisi's significant social initiatives that come in line with his humanity, including the campaign to detect obesity, anemia, and dwarfism in 2019 for primary school students implemented by Health ministry in three stages across all Egypt's governorate.

Despite all these initiatives that reflect the president's policies and his bias towards the lives of the simple people through official initiatives and humanitarian gestures.

Mercy is a person’s sense of sympathy with the people or creatures around him, in a way that pushes him to consider the other person's material, psychological, or social needs, or in any kind of needs.

Sisi's positions, day after day, confirm his deep understanding of the fundamentals of compassionate leadership and his sincere feeling of the poor and needy people.

Thank you, our big-hearted President.. & Happy New Hijri Year.