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9 Month-Pregnant Woman Goes Viral as She Runs Mile for 100 Dollar Challenge

Tue 20 Oct 2020 | 01:06 AM
Sara Goda

The video of the 28-year-old Makenna Myler running a whole mile in only 5 minutes and 25 seconds while being 9 months pregnant went viral recently.

Myler shocked millions of people around the world with her video especially since she did it for a challenge. Her husband had challenged her with 100 dollars to break the 8 minutes per mile record and she indeed broke it with her 5 minutes and 25 seconds per mile run.

However, Myler confirmed that she consulted two physicians about working out during her pregnancy and that she was so careful during her strength training to avoid any injury that the extra pregnancy weight might cause according to Buzzfeed.

She also added that there is absolutely no right or wrong way to spend your pregnancy period and that running while pregnant has been a great breather for her. It helped her listen to her body, taught her to be patient and gave her a break from trying to reach certain time and distance records.