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9 Ethiopian Opposition Groups Sign Agreement in USA to Overthrow Abiy's Gov't

Fri 05 Nov 2021 | 06:27 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Nine Ethiopian rebel groups signed today in Washington, USA, signed on Friday, a new agreement to topple the government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

The new alliance announced its adherence to the overthrow of Abiy Ahmed's government and the launch of a transitional phase in the country.

Reuters confirmed that the alliance expressed, in a press conference held in Washington today, its intention to overthrow Abiy Ahmed's government by force or negotiation and to form a transitional government.

On his part, Ethiopian Attorney General Yedion Timothious assured reporters that he is fully confident that the rebels do not have social support on the ground, describing their alliance as just a ploy directed at public opinion.

This comes against the backdrop of the Ethiopian government declaring a state of emergency for a period of six months after the rebel forces advanced from the north towards the capital, Addis Ababa.

On Friday, the Ethiopian army called on the former soldiers to rejoin its ranks in the war against the rebel forces that continue to advance from the north towards the capital.

This call came in a statement posted by the Ethiopian army on its official Facebook page today.

Yesterday, the European Union (EU) stressed the absence of any military solution to the conflict in Ethiopia, threatening the parties to the conflict to impose sanctions on it unless it agreed to stop the fighting and launch an unconditional dialogue.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the EU Commissioner for Security and Foreign Policy Josep Borrell stressed that the expansion of the conflict that erupted a year ago in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia has caused a devastating humanitarian crisis, undermined the unity and stability of the country and affected the entire region.