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70 Powerful Tornadoes Strike US

Sat 27 Apr 2024 | 09:40 PM
Israa Farhan

Dozens of powerful tornadoes struck the central United States on Friday, causing damage and injuring at least three people, according to authorities.

The US National Weather Service recorded over 70 tornadoes on Friday, most of them in the vicinity of Omaha, Nebraska, and near the state of Iowa.

Images shared by storm chasers on social media showed massive black tornadoes sweeping across the sky, carrying soil, dust, and debris along their path, according to AFP.

The tornadoes destroyed dozens of buildings, uprooted power lines, and derailed trains from their tracks.

In Elkhorn, a suburb of Omaha, photos showed homes demolished or with roofs torn off, and trees stripped bare of leaves. The Omaha Police tweeted on Ex platform, "Relief teams continue to assess damaged homes and provide assistance to any injured," according to AFP.

Further south, near the city of Lincoln, a tornado struck an industrial warehouse, prompting the evacuation of around 70 people who were inside the building when it collapsed. However, three of them sustained injuries that were not life-threatening, authorities in Lancaster County said during a press conference.

The National Weather Service issued several warnings on Friday in several states in the central United States, expecting this phenomenon to continue on Saturday in the vast agricultural fields in the region, extending to the state of Texas.

Tornadoes, a climatic phenomenon that is difficult to predict, are common in the United States, especially in the central and southern regions.