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531 Travelers Cross Gaza-Egypt Border

Fri 09 Feb 2024 | 03:21 PM
Rafah Border Crossing
Rafah Border Crossing
Ahmed Emam Badawy

In the past few hours, 531 travelers, including Palestinians, foreign nationals, and Arabs, crossed the Rafah border crossing in North Sinai between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Additionally, 84 fuel and aid trucks entered the Strip, and a new aid plane for Gaza arrived at Al-Arish International Airport.

According to an official source, 478 people (including 9 wounded, 10 patients, 34 companions, 388 Palestinian citizens, 14 people from the United Nations, 5 from the International Medical Corps, 6 people from Mada Global, 2 people from Save the Children, 6 from the Red Cross, 3 from World Kitchen, and one person from Project) arrived in Egyptian territory from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing.

The source further added that 53 people left Egyptian territory for the Gaza Strip through the crossing gate, including 18 Palestinian citizens, 29 people from the United Nations, and 6 people from the Red Cross.