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5 Interesting Facts about Late Mariam Fakhr Eddine...

Tue 03 Nov 2020 | 11:55 PM
Sara Goda

On this day six years ago, the beautiful Mariam Fakhr Eddine died leaving behind an impressive and interesting history of excellent film works that will forever make her a part of the Egyptian culture and life.

Fakhr Eddine was widely known for her beautiful and elegant looks and style. Here are 5 interesting facts about her:


Fakhr Eddine was born on January 18th, 1933 in El Faiyum, Egypt to an Egyptian father and a Hungarian mother. She graduated from the German School before pursuing her acting career.


She won the most beautiful face title in the French magazine “Image” beauty pageant. The title was the start that introduced her to the acting world and led the directors to discover her.


Her first acting experience was in 1951 when she was only sixteen years old under the directorship Ahmed Badrakhan’s film “Lailat gharam” which entered the Cannes Film Festival in 1952.


The elegant actress’ acting career lasted for 60 years in which she played many interesting roles in more than 200 films and TV shows. Her last TV appearance was in 2009 in the famous show “El Watat El Mashdood”.


The actress got married and porced four times with Mahmoud Zulficar being her first husband. The couple’s marriage lasted 8 years and they had a daughter Eman together before porcing in 1960.

Her second husband was Dr. Mohamed El Taweel. They had a son called Ahmed. The couple’s marriage lasted 4 years. Her last two husbands were: the Syrian singer Fahd Ballan and Sherif Fadaly.