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5 Foods to Improve Your Kids’ Immune System during School

Mon 09 Nov 2020 | 10:00 PM
Sara Goda

Despite a lot of talk over a second wave of the COVID-19 virus, schools haven’t been canceled and we cannot just let our kids quarantine at home. However, we can protect them by working on improving their immune health. So, here are 5 foods to improve your kids’ immune system:


All the different types of berries like strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants that help the body resist the oxidative stress that is caused by the free radicals. These, in return keeps the immune system healthy and functional.

Berries can be eaten on their own as a snack or mixed in with some Greek yogurt and nuts for breakfast.


Salmon is full of omega 3 fats that are essential for brain development and decrease inflammation which in return increases the airflow and protects the lungs from infections and colds. Not to mention the fact that they enhance the immune system function.

Make sure to feed your kids with salmon or any type of fatty fish at least once a week.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene that increases the number of white blood cells as well as increases the activity of the immunity killer cells. They are also really high in vitamin C which helps improve and enhance the immune system.

Sweet potatoes are great to enjoy in the fall either baked by themselves or incorporated in a pancake recipe.


The different types of seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds are really full of vitamin E, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids that help strengthen and improve the immune system.

Seeds can be added to the pancake batter for breakfast or just enjoyed as a midday snack on their own.


Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Besides being really high in antioxidants that work on improving and boosting the immune system.

Broccoli can be a little hard to eat on its own, however it is really great to have with the different dips and in a casserole.