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5 Fascinating Books to Skim Through This Week

Thu 12 Dec 2019 | 10:38 AM
Ahmed Yasser

You still have plenty of time to start reading  good and entertaining 5 books . There are 5 books that beg you to skim through this week. there are plenty of highly-anticipated books releases on the way

1- “Ohio” by Stephen Markley: This debut novel set at a class reunion, churns with such ambitious social statements and insights — on hot-button issues of the past dozen years, there’s a real pleasure in this hopscotching narrative with each new point of view, a clearer sense of the hidden story emerges as the reader slowly pieces together some shocking revelations.


2- “Immigrant Montana” by Amitava Kumar: Kumar’s novel of a young Indian immigrant who recounts his loves lost and won as a college student in the early 1990s has the feeling of thinly veiled memoir. It’s a deeply honest look at a budding intellectual’s new experience of America, filled with both alienation and an aching desire to connect.

“Immigrant Montana

3- “The Winter Soldier” by Daniel Mason: in World War I novel, a young medical student is dispatched to a desolate hamlet on the Eastern Front, where he teams with a rifle-wielding nun to treat soldiers. War, love and trauma are all in the book’s sights.

“The Winter Soldier”

4 – “Passing Human for Graphic Memoir” by Liana Finck: Finck’s cartoons offer dispatches from an eccentric, anxious mind. Her memoir grapples with what it means to accept your own weirdness and separation from a world that doesn’t understand you.

“Passing Human for Graphic Memoir”

5 – “Gandhi 1914-1948” by Ramachandra Guha: this magnificent book tells the story of Gandhi’s life, from his departure from South Africa to his assassination in 1948, drawing on many new sources and animated by its author’s wonderful sense of drama and politics.

“Gandhi 1914-1948”