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5 Fascinating Books That Beg You to Skim Through This Week

Wed 30 Oct 2019 | 02:00 PM
Ahmed Yasser

You still have plenty of time to start reading  good and entertaining books . There are books that beg you to skim through this week. there are plenty of highly-anticipated books releases on the way.

1- Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson

“Mike Tyson” has defied stereotypes, expectations, and a lot of conventional wisdom during his three decades in the public eye. Tyson grew up to become one of the most ferocious boxers of all time and the youngest heavyweight champion ever. But his brilliance in the ring was often compromised by reckless behavior. Yet even after hitting rock bottom the man who once admitted being addicted to everything fought his way back and achieved success.


2- Heavy: An American Memoir

In this powerful and provocative memoir genre bending essayist and novelist ‘Kiese Laymon’, explores what the weight of a lifetime of secrets, lies and deception does to a black body, a black family and a nation teetering on the brink of moral collapse.

Laymon invites us to consider the consequences of growing up in a nation wholly obsessed with progress yet wholly disinterested in the messy work of reckoning with where we’ve been.

Personal stories combine with piercing intellect to reflect both on the state of American society and on his experiences with abuse which conjure conflicted feelings of shame, joy, confusion and humiliation.

3-My Life in Football

Kevin Keegan’s illustrious career in professional football has marked him out as one of the most charismatic talented and decorated men in the history of the sport.

As a player, he is best known for a legendary 1970s spell at Liverpool under Bill Shankly then Bob Paisley. In six seasons Keegan played a pivotal role in Liverpool winning three First Division titles, two Uefa Cups, a European Cup and an FA Cup.

He left an indelible mark on the club and their fans by winning the Bundesliga and European Cup in his three years there.

4-On the Road by Jack Kerouac

One of the pillar stone novels for the Beat Generation. On the Road sees key figures of American 1950s counterculture mirrored in its characters from Allen Ginsberg to William Burroughs.

5-Too Poor for Peace

Extreme poverty exhausts institutions, depletes resources, weakens leadership and ultimately contributes to rising insecurity and conflict.

The authors of this compelling book are some of the most experienced practitioners from around the world who investigate the complex and dynamic relationship between poverty and insecurity and explore possible agents for change.

They bring the latest lessons and intellectual framework to bear in an examination of African leadership, the private sector and American foreign aid as vehicles for improving economic conditions and security.