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5 Books.. You Must to Read Before Ends 2019

Thu 19 Dec 2019 | 12:28 PM
Ahmed Yasser

You still have plenty of time to start reading good and entertaining books . There are 5 books through this week. there are plenty of highly-anticipated releases on the way.

* Transcription Novel

In this inventive thriller, a naïve young secretary lands in the middle of a clandestine fifth column operation run by “MI5” in World War II, London, where she is recruited to transcribe the recorded meetings of Nazi sympathizers.

“Atkinson’s” use of comedy in the first half of the novel is unexpected and inspired and when the heroine is assigned her own false identity and charged with befriending a middle aged woman who is a Nazi sympathizer, the humor tilts toward the madcap.

Transcription Novel

* Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Atwood’s classic dystopian novel of a terrifying plausible future. The novel is as relevant today as ever; feminist backlashes continue to wax and wane, but women’s rights remain in the spotlight.

The Handmaid’s Tale is ultimately a hopeful book offred, simply cannot be human without the possibility of hope, and therein lies the strength of the resistance. All of Atwood is worth reading, but this book best exemplifies the cultural and psychological impact that a work of fiction can create.

Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

*Tea Obrite

From the author of The Tiger's Wife comes this spooky twist on the Western. You'll meet the plucky frontierswoman Nora who's trying to survive a punishing drought while awaiting the return of her husband and sons. The story also follows Lurie, a former outlaw haunted by ghosts, who's on the run from his past. When the two stories collide, the results are harrowing.

*Three Women

Taddeo spent almost a decade embedding herself in the worlds of three very different women to paint this moving portrait of what it's like in their lives. The result is as riveting as it is groundbreaking, and you won't be able to put it down.

Three Women


You're gonna want to turn the music up while you crack into this rockin' novel. Pam and Daniel, punk rockers living on the fringes of the music scene, are freewheeling parents to their daughter Flora. But as she comes of age in a post-9/11 world, she has to grapple with political forces and her own history.