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4,000 Evacuated Due to Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Thu 08 Feb 2024 | 02:08 PM
Israa Farhan

Four thousand people are expected to be evacuated from their homes in the town of Grindavik, southwest Iceland where volcanic lava reached the outskirts of the town and caused some houses to catch fire.

The American channel CNN shared footage of the volcanic eruption, showing toxic smoke rising into the sky.

It noted that the previous eruption of this volcano occurred on January 14 and lasted for two days.

In mid-January, the British Foreign Ministry advised citizens to stay away from the town of Grindavik in southwest Iceland and the surrounding areas, where a new volcanic eruption was affecting neighborhoods in the town.

The ministry, in a statement on its website reported by Sky News, the English-speaking channel, mentioned that Keflavik International Airport, the largest in Iceland, is operating normally.

It urged passengers to check for the latest updates before traveling, as air travel to and from the island has not been affected by the recent eruption that occurred southwest of the country.

Icelandic President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson warned in a televised speech that his country is facing what he described as a "difficult period" and is struggling against "enormous natural forces" in the town of Grindavik.