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4 Essential Home Elements to Improve Physical, Mental Health

Tue 17 Nov 2020 | 07:00 AM
Sara Goda

In the last few years, many scientific researches and studies proved that both the physical and mental health are correlated with the décor and design of the homes. So, here are essential home elements to improve your physical and mental health:


Clean Air

Having pure and clean air at your home is one of the most important elements to improve your overall health. It improves your lung and heart health, decreases asthma symptoms, improves skin appearance, stabilizes mood swings, and normalizes sleep patterns.

Designing your home’s spaces to create cross breezes and installing air purifying systems are great ways to have clean air in your home. However, adding some green walls (also known as living walls) to your rooms are an easy and affordable way to naturally purify the air and add an eye pleasing touch to your home.

Open space

Having an open space around your home is a great way to encourage movement even if just for a few minutes a day. This in return will lead to better posture, and healthier heart and lungs. Having an open space is also great for your mental health as it reduces the stress levels induced by busy claustrophobic spaces.

Make sure to place your furniture and decorations in a way that facilitates your movement around the house. Try to get rid of any movement obstacles like a rug or a side table that can be tripped over. Also, get rid of any extra furniture and make sure to keep your house uncluttered and clean.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature

Keeping your house’s temperature comfortable is a key element to improve your physical and mental health. While the comfortable temperature varies from one person to another, it can easily be maintained by installing a smart thermostat, heated floors, or simply by wearing a warm pair of socks and throwing a blanket around yourself.

Proper Lighting

Having proper lighting around your home improves your productivity, sets your mood, and makes your home appear more spacious and less claustrophobic.

Make sure to set a light theme to every room and to incorporate the natural light with the artificial light. Also, LED lamps are the best to use because they last longer, are more affordable, and environment friendly.