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3 Injured, Dozens of Buildings Damaged in Athens' Blast

Wed 26 Jan 2022 | 01:08 PM
Rana Atef

Three persons were injured and dozens of buildings were strongly damaged by a fierce blast that stroke central Athens and caused a fire on Wednesday, media agencies reported from the scene.

"The injured person suffered from several burns and was immediately transported to the hospital," the Head of the Workers at the National Centre for Emergency Care Giorgos Mathiopoulos told reporters.

Shortly, the Associated Press (AP) added that other two persons were being treated at the scene from smoke inhalation.

Moreover, all offices and buildings located along the main traffic spot of Syngrou Avenue that connects Athens' center to the southern regions have been affected by the blast, and their glass windows were cracked and smashed; the damages reached 200 meters high.

More than 18 firefighters and seven engines were deployed to control the fire that stroke in one of the buildings by the explosion who managed to control it.

No further details were informed to the media, in addition, no clear reason for the incident has been reported by any official response.

"We have a fire, there was a blast before that,” stated a fire brigade commander at the scene.

It is worthy to mention that Greece and a number of the countries in the regional Mediterranean scope are experiencing a terrible wave of cold weather and snowstorms.