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3 Fun, Simple Exercises for Children to Do at Home

Tue 24 Nov 2020 | 12:28 AM
Sara Goda

Getting your children to exercise at home is quite essential especially during these hard COVID-19 times. Exercising is important because it is really dangerous to let them go back to their sports practice in the clubs. So, here are 3 simple but fun exercises for your children to do at home:

1) Crab Walks

Let your children sit with their feet in front of them and their hands behind them before telling them to lift their hips up and start walking back and forth in this position.

This exercise is silly looking which makes it really fun for young children. However, it is also great for strengthening the core and arm muscles.

2) Supermans

Let your kids lie on their tummies before asking them to lift their arms and legs off the ground while pretending to fly like Superman.

This exercise is great for improving the posture as well as strengthening the back, neck, hamstrings, and glutes muscles.

3) Bear Crawl

Let your children place their hand on the ground with their knees not touching the ground before asking them to start walking back and forth in this position.

This exercise works the whole body, it strengthens the core, arm, leg muscles as well as improving the coordination and posture.