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2 Killed, 5 Injured in California's Halloween Party Shooting

Sun 31 Oct 2021 | 10:40 AM
Rana Atef

Two persons were killed and five injured in a shooting that took place at a Halloween party hosted in California, LA early Saturday.

Authorities of Sacramento city received dozens of reports regarding a shooting at a Halloween party with hundreds of guests.

Three people were found injured by gun wounds at the scene, and two of them were announced dead later. Both victims were young males.

Moreover, four persons were found injured, and they were transported to nearby local medical facilities. Although they were seriously injured, their medical condition is stable.

Until now, no suspects were found, however, authorities are still continuing their investigations around the incident.

FOX40 channel did a number of short interviews with people who witnessed the shooting event, in addition to some of the victims' family members and relatives.

Pamela Welch, the mother of one of the victims, said: “This is the day we normally talk. We talk every weekend. And Saturday morning was our day. So, I called his phone, even though I got the news, but I was still hoping that he would answer. And I texted him. But he didn’t."

Her son was shot dead outside the Royal Castle Banquet Hall where he attended the party alongside his girlfriend.