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1 Killed, 5 Injured in Massive Shooting in Subway Station in New York

Tue 13 Feb 2024 | 09:30 AM
Police Officers at Mt Eden Station after Shooting
Police Officers at Mt Eden Station after Shooting
Rana Atef

At least 1 killed, and five others were injured in a shooting incident at a subway station in New York.

The incident began as one person opened the fire once the train pulled into the station, authorities said. 

According to New York Police Department Chief of Transit Michael Kemper, two groups of teenagers were moving towards the train at Mt. Eden station, and shortly, someone opened fire.

Kemper said: “We don’t believe this was a random shooting. We don’t believe this was just an individual shooting indiscriminately onto a train. We believe this shooting all stemmed from a dispute between two groups that started on a train."

The victims included four males, a girl, and a woman. One of the four males was killed and he was a 34-year-old man. On the other hand, the girl, and the woman were injured by the shots, but their injuries are non-life-threatening. 

Kemper asserted: “This is not the norm,” adding: “Shootings were down last year. To have a shooting like this in the subway system is extremely rare and unacceptable… The bigger question is why do people feel emboldened to pull guns out and shoot? There must be (legal) consequences.”

The shooter escaped the site the scene wearing a red jacket and ski mask, sources told CNN.

In the same context, authorities said the number of suspects is part of the investigation, and photos of the shooter will be distributed.