Wanna Ascertain Women’s Societal Role, Flick Through ‘History of Women’

History of Women in 100 Objects” documents the developing role of women in society through the lens of the inanimate objects that touched women’s lives, were created by women at some time .

This complex fascinating and vital tale of women and womanhood is told with a lightness of touch and depth of experience that will appeal to all those interested in women’s history.

The history of the world has been told in objects and the past decade has seen a growing number of books. But what about the objects that tell the history of women?.

‘History of Women’

What are the items that symbolise the journey of women from second-class citizens with no legal rights, no vote and no official status to the powerful people they are today?. And what are the objects that still oppress women?.

This book consists of 100 chapters, each one consisting of a certain object that is closely associated to women. Some of these objects such as the scolds bridle that was a contraption used to silence women’s voices.

‘History of Women’

Unfortunately, the attempt to silence women still goes on in various countries today, but in other ways. You can find some objects most interesting such as the first medical vibrator and bill of sale for a slave girl.

The book includes inspirational women such as: Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Rosa Parks and Irenaeus Sendlerowa; it shows courageous, powerful and incredibly amazing females.

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