Tutankhamun’s Tomb Rocks Seven Wonders of World

By Hassan El-Khawaga

CAIRO, March 29 (SEE) – Since childhood, we were hearing that the Pyramids are on the peak of the Seven Wonders of the World. But now the familiar rule has been changed, as Tutankhamun’s Tomb in Luxor becomes one of the world’s seven wonders. Condé Nast Traveller, a UK-based magazine, chose the tomb which was discovered in 1922 among the hottest attractions on the earth.

The magazine mentioned that the 3,300-year-old tomb returned to its gloriousness. The wonder doesn’t lay in the tomb only, but also in the Valley of Kings where 63 mausoleums existed, sculpted in the red desert’s mountains.

The valley contained painted tombs of King Ramesses III and King Ramesses IX as well as chambers of Sety I.

Egypt’s Tourism Minister Rania Al Mashat didn’t miss the moment and highlighted it, tweeting: “CNTraveller elects new seven wonders of the world, and Egypt’s Tutankhamun Tomb in the Valley of the Kings is one of them; a historic site giving a powerful sense of the world’s most fascinating civilization.”

The rest six wonders are the Grand Canyon of the United States, the Blombos Cave of South Africa, Canadian Wapusk Polar Bears, Argentinian Total Solar Eclipse, the Teide National Park of Tenerife, and Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia.

Maybe you are asking yourself, why the magazine selected such a stony place, it satisfied your curiosity, saying: The real magic of wonder is not in the thing itself, but in the fact that the more you look for wonder in the world the more the wonder of the world becomes a part of you.

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