Trump Celebrates Ramadan, Hosts Iftar Dinner

U.S. President Donald Trump celebrated the holy month of Ramadan by hosting an Iftar dinner in the White House on Monday.

This is the second annual iftar in a row to be organized by Trump since he became the US president in 2017.

The American President invited ambassadors and diplomatic corps’ members who represent countries with huge Muslim population.

However, Muslim-American leaders, renowned activists and organizations were absent.

While the guests were having their dinner, Trump said, “it’s an honor for me to host this iftar while all Muslims around the world are doing the same rituals.

“Ramadan is a month of charity, good deeds, peace, tolerance and hope for the entire world,” he added.

It’s a distinct occasion that allows all families, neighbors to get together, exchange invitations and get closer to each others.

Trump’s speech during the iftar

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