Sojourning in Marsa Alam, Al Kalaan..Must-See Paradise

By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

MARSA ALAM, Mar.31 (SEE), Marsa Alam is an Egyptian tourist city that accommodates one of Egypt’s most beautiful zones called Al Kalaan affiliated to Wadi Al Gamal National Park.

105 Kilos from Marsa Alam, Al Kalaan is the park’s oldest fishing villages that currently is the home of 18 families, who live on fishing and handicrafts.

Al Kalaan comprises mangroves trees that go back thousands of years, and a lagoon. Water cuts across the land, forming the eye-catching landscape that characterizes the area. To match the village’s fascinating view and for the inhabitants’ commodity, the old houses were replaced by wooden ones.

With only 10 L.E. for Egyptians and about 50 L.E. for foreigners, visitors enjoy a calm and pure ambiance, where yoga and healing sessions are commonly practiced. In addition to swimming, bird-watching is another activity that can be joyfully tried-out there.

Regarding food and beverage, a fish restaurant and a tent serving hot drinks are located. Drinks include tea, coffee, and mint, are made on firewood, and the price is 5 L.E. per drink.

As Al Kalaan is close to Sudan, green coffee beans are brought from the neighboring country, to entertain tourists with the delicious type of coffee called Al Abady. Ginger is added to give the drink a delicious flavor.

An interesting tradition is that Al Abady is ordered in an odd number, in other words, each guest drinks one, three, five, seven cups, etc.

Meals should be reserved one day before and they include fish and seafood. So, it is better for the guests to bring their own rations.

Eight months ago, Al Kalaan was announced a Clean Village, bearing in mind that the place depends on solar energy. Worth noting is that the Ministry of Environment, Red Sea Governorate, and Al Kalaan residents are cooperating to make this paradise even a better place.


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