“Reviving Roots” to be Launched in March in Australia

By: GehanAboElElla,Yasmine elSayed

CAIRO, Jan 10. (SEE) – Immigration Minister Nabila Makram met today with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Terrence Koek as well as Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian and Overseas Affairs Photis Photiou, to discuss preparations for launching the third edition of the “Reviving Roots” initiative by the end of March in Australia. This edition is dedicated to the trade cooperation between Egyptian, Greek and Cypriot communities living in Australia.

Makram said that Egyptian, Greek and Cypriot communities of Egyptian origin are among the oldest and largest communities in Australia, and they are very much emotionally and morally linked to Egypt. Its members are keen to preserve many Egyptian traditions and even celebrate the ancient Egyptian holidays.

The Minister explained that this edition aims to enhance trade cooperation between the three countries through their youth in Australia. The edition will include a number of meetings planned to take place with ambassadors and officials in Australia, as well as figures from the three communities, businessmen and members of the Australian and Arab Chambers of Commerce in Melbourne.

Makram added that the two communities are mainly based in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, where one of the most important places they gather at is “eeamaK” club, which chose Sphinx to be its website logo.
On his part, Photiou said that the events also aim at promoting the interests of the three countries via their expatriates. The fields of interests include regional security, terrorism and energy, as well as deepening trade cooperation.

He added that there will be visits to the three countries by the three groups of expatriates during the coming summer. “There is great interest among expatriates in many countries to integrate into the ongoing development plans in their home countries, that is why the program is organized,” he noted.

On other hand, Koek stressed that the program “Reviving Roots” is developing and connecting the three peoples more in Australia.

The second edition of the program was held in London to promote therapeutic tourism between the three countries. The initiative witnessed the promotion of the national campaign to combat hepatitis C, which was launched by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, and has been in operation since October 1st, and involves a comprehensive medical survey for those older than 18 years with the aim of eradicating the disease completely.

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