Ras Mohamed, Wadi Hetan to Join Green List at IUCN

By:Maha Omran

CAIRO, Nov. 25 (SEE) – The ‘International Union for Conservation of Nature’ (IUCN) announced ‘Ras Mohamed’ natural reserves and ‘Wadi Hitan’ on their green list.

The announcement came on the sideline of the 14th convention on Biodiversity conference of the parties, currently held at Sharm El-Sheikh city, in a ceremony attended by Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad, Head of West Asia office at IUCN Dr. Hany El Sha’er, General Secretary of parties convention on biodiversity Christiana Palmer, Minister of Tourism Dr. Rania El Mashat as well as Dr. Khaled Fouda, governor of southern Sinai.
As first Egyptian venues to be listed, Minister Fouad underscored the importance of preserving natural resources through cooperation with local communities as well as all the other relevant stakeholders. “Success is through preserving biodiversity, its loss will impact us all,” she warned.
She regarded the listing is a result of the efforts exerted by the ministry in meeting the conditions of listing which are mainly about preserving and managing the venues according to sustainable development tools as well as cooperation with local community.
The ceremony included announcing different venues to list, where awards were given to parties involved.
The green list now includes 60 venues, where another 70 are nominated to join.

Translator:Yasmine ElSayed.

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