Ralph Fiennes Receives Faten Hamama Award at CIFF

By Nour El Hoda Fouad

CAIRO, Nov. 26 (SEE) – The Oscar-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes received on Monday Fatem Hamama Appreciation Award on the fringe of the 40 edition of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF).

“I feel honored to be handed such an award related to a great actress (Faten Hamama) from a great country,” Fiennes told the attendees. saluting them in Arabic.

Fiennes was showing his new film which he directed titled “The White Crow.” The film talks about the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev who defected to the West to show off his talent in dancing.

The White Crow

Nureyev was born in Siberia in 1938 and died in Paris in 1993. His escape from the East to the West during the period of the Cold War inspired a lot of people.

The director wanted a real-life ballet dancer, Oleg Ivenko, who was born in Ukraine and based in Russia. Ivenko had never acted before and didn’t even speak English. But his outstanding capabilities and athletic prowess in dancing made Ivenko prefect Nureyev’s dances in ballet.

IMDB wesbite rates the film 7.6/10.

The movie was earlier played at the 31st edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Translator: Hassan El-Khawaga

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