Lotfy Confirms Humans live in Globalization Age


By: Ibrahim Eldeeb and Menna Seliem

CAIRO, April 8 (SEE)- The last president of Cardiff University and the member of Majna Carta council Mohamed Lotfy said that humans lives in the globalization age continue to witness great progress. He confirmed that the universities couldn’t be special without being opened to the world and research.

Lotfy said in a statement, “Universities should focus on several points, first of all ‘Excitement’ while considering globalization as a real chance, and avoid ‘Fear’.”
He continued, “These issues have become clear in the current trend of populist nationalism in many countries.”

According to Lotfy, in the whole world, there are many social, cultural, economic barriers facing higher educational sector. They include demographic trends, immigrations, ethnic, religious tensions and the fourth industrial revolution.

The council member was afraid that globalization would lead to the unification of higher education system all over the world, thus affecting the national identity of universities.

To get rid of globalization negative effect’s dilemma, Lotfy suggested that the officials have to work on:

-Internationalization in communities’ activities.
-Involve non-traditional students and try to reach to mature learners.
-Work to achieve benefits of internationalization.
-University should know the society’s requirements and their culture.

Lofty also demanded the universities to be aware of its societies, as they need to focus on ethical internationalization that aims to exceed students’ polarization and serve internationalization’s benefits to local societies.

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