Los Angeles Fights Mice

By: Menna Seliem

CAIRO, Feb. 10 (SEE)- The president of the Municipal Council Herb Wesson opened an investigation with the officials in LA about the mice problem. While the officials at the historical building City Hall put traps instead of carpets to fight mice spread.

Some officials at the Municipal Council said that mice had built its houses inside plants ponds, bite the carpets, and leave its waste in many floors.

City Hall

The lawyer Elizabeth Greenwood thought she contracted typhoid last November while she was working in a building that connected to City Hall. She added to CBS news “I was scared and I felt like I’m going to die, not knowing what was happen with me”.

This problem became worse even the workers in the 4th floor had left the building during the weekend, and all carpets was removed. This building was used before as filming site, as many movies was filmed their like China Town and LA Confederation.

The mayor of LA expressed his worry and said he is searching for ways to eliminate mice problems.

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