Lemon, Honey Mix… Good Health in One Cup

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Jan. 9 (SEE) – Lemon and Honey are both known for their many health benefits. However, one might not know much about their benefits if they get mixed together.

In this piece ‘SEE’ provides its readers with some of those benefits which science has discovered so far.

The generous content is provided by Dr. Hisham Elamry, Professor of nutrition, member at the American Society of Nutrition. He is also a member at Egyptian British Society for the Study of Obesity Diseases.

This mix is said to treat the constipation, as it facilitate the movement of intestines, produce mucus, moisturize the colon and supply dry feces with the necessary amount of water. It helps also to cleanse the stomach by getting rid of toxins, as well as improves the colon function. The warm water mixture of honey and lemon helps the body absorb nutrients, detoxify but also stay moisturized.

Besides, drinking the warm mix helps in the process of digestion. It stimulates the liver to produce more yellow substance, and improves the digestion process by adding acids to the digestive product, which helps, in return, to get rid of unwanted toxins.

As for honey, it acts as an antibacterial and helps in the elimination of the body inflammation and also helps to produce mucus in the intestines, which helps to expel toxins from the body. It also works to clean the urinary tract and increase urine flow especially for women who suffer from urinary tract infections.

On other hand, this mix empowers the body with immediate energy that helps in its daily performance, reducing the fatigue and exhaustion that we feel every day.

Last but not least, this mix in the early morning work on losing weight, purifying the skin, helping to get rid of bad breath and makes mouth sterilization.

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