Injecting Human Genes in Monkeys’ Brains Produces Stunning Results

A group of Chinese scientists working at Kunming Institute of Zoology affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences, injected human genes in monkeys’ brains and the results were amazing.
This was according to a recent study to observe monkeys’ different attitudes after injection.
“Monkeys became more smart in the short run”, The British Independent newspaper clarified.
According to “National Science Review” Journal, the 11 monkeys which were injected by “MCPH1” human gene had quicker reactions compared to normal ones.
The experiment was aiming at verifying the recognition development for humans, which “MCPH1” is responsible for.
The Chinese scientists said it is the first-of-its- kind experiment to understand the genetic bases of human minds.
Monkeys end up having similar human minds’ patterns but they took much time to develop their brains.
Finally, a kind of drastic reactions appeared right after revealing the experiment’s results, as some western scientists thought it is not an ethical action.
They blamed scientists for making completely new creatures who will suffer a lot by their monkeys’ bodies and human brains!

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