Arab Contractors Chairman: Glass Walkway to be Introduced on Al-Farag Axis

Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company Mohsen Salah revealed on Sunday that a glass walkway will be available on Al-Farag axis for the first time in Egypt. “This summer, families will be able to enjoy the view of the Nile, while having a walk on the bridge,” he pointed out, adding that the bridge is characterized by its astonishing design.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi witnessed today the latest developments of the project, which will involve the world’s widest Suspension Bridge with a width up to 64 meters.

Al-Farag Axis arial view

During his remarks with TV host Azza Mustafa on Salat El-Tahrir show of Sada El-Balad’s channel, Salah said that he was overwhelmed to witness President Sisi order the last pieces of the bridge to be put into place.

“Today was one of the happiest days, and a great honor to have the President direct the installation of the last pieces of the axis himself,” he noted.

Al-Farag axis facts:

Al-Farag axis is one of the most important projects of the national road network. It is aimed at transferring the traffic congestion from the east of Cairo to the Alexandria Desert Road, Matrouh and El-Alamein without passing through the heart of Cairo. The project will link the northern and eastern parts of Cairo with the western ones, connecting the regional ring road, the Qattara lowlands, and the North Coast.

The axis includes a bridge on the western Nile about 400 meters long, 50 meters wide, 14 meters high from the surface of the water. The width of the navigational opening is 120 meters, allowing the passage of floating hotels by the system of the moving vehicles.

Sisi witnesses final stages of axis construction work

The chairman announced the Sisi, who follows the construction work progress regularly, will inaugurate the new axis within two months period.

Salah added that all the engineers working in the project are not more than 35 years old. “Young engineers are the real value of the compnay,” he asserted.

“More than 4 thousand Egyptian workers, engineers, and technicians contributed to the project, which is entirely constructed by Egyptian hands,” he concluded.

Al Farag axis
Al Farag axis arial view


Contributed by: Ali Abu-Dashish

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