Feng Shui.. Your Guide to Bring Positive Energy into Your Place

By: Yassmine ElSayed

CAIRO, Dec. 1 (SEE) – Have you ever heard about the positive energy at places, triggered by colors, plants, behaviour or a certain arrangement of furniture? Well, this is real and true. You need not to pay money, take medicines or see a psychiatrist to improve your mood.. It only takes you to know.. just to know: how to attract positive energy from around you and have it inside and then reflect it back on the people with you and on the work you’re doing.

This is called “feng shui”.. also known as Chinese geomancy. It’s a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

‘SEE’ will bring to its readers tips on how to apply principles of Feng Shui into their lives. in this First article,  Dr. Soha Eid, Egyptian expert of ‘Feng Shui’ explained few tips on how to bring positive energy into our place.

In a recent interview published at ‘magnificentnoline.com’, Dr. Eid said that there are some guidelines that architects should take into consideration when illustrating the outline of a new construction, the most important are:
1- Areas of rest should be kept separate from areas of work. Physical and/or psychological design elements should be strategically located to separate them.

2- The quality of the entry door determines the quality of the energy entering the place. The doors should be solid, and the front door should become a feature of the place by using a bright color (red seems to be preferable).

3- It’s important to promote natural ventilation and an abundance of daylight inside the house. Floor-to-ceiling windows maintain maximum amount of natural daylight, and operable windows in the right locations allow for excellent natural ventilation.

4- The center of the place should be empty to let the energy circulate properly.

5- The front entry should be clean, creative and well-maintained. And building numbers should be clearly visible.

6- It’s vital to consider shape and scale. Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui doesn’t exclusively favor elements with rounded edges. In fact, a variety of shapes are the best bet for achieving a well-balanced spot.

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