El-Ahly Announces 8 Drastic Decisions Moving Forward

By Ibrahim El-Shawarby

CAIRO, Feb.9 (SEE)- El-Ahly Board of Directors decided on 8 overwhelming decisions, during their Saturday meeting as the go forward in the League.Club president Mahmoud El-Khatib Called upon this meeting in order to discuss the current actions being taken against the club in the last period.

El-Ahly’s 8 decisions are as follows

1.) Boycotting all Egyptian Football federation meetings, whether friendly or official, making the regulations of the FIFA and the African Football Federation the club’s only guide to follow concerning their football directions.

2.) Handing in a formal complaint to the African Federation in order for them to take the legal decision against the violation after El-Zamalek violated the CAF decision to ban Mortada Mansour from taking part in any football related activity.

3) Handing in a formal complaint to the Egyptian Olympic Committee stating the football federation’s violation towards the decision of banning Mortada Mansour.

4) Boycotting any decision legislated by the Football Federation as a result of Mansour giving orders in last Wednesday’s meeting, while he is legally suspended.

5) The club remains obligated to take part in all postponed matches in the league table until the 30 of match.

6.) Absolute refusal of exchanging any of El-Ahly League matches with cup matches as the matches have been previously decided upon and the club isn’t willing to change their position.

7.) El-Ahly will refuse to take part in any upcoming matches without the crowd attending as previously agreed upon. If by any circumstance one of the fields scheduled to host the fans was to be changed because of the upcoming African Cup of Nations, the federation will have to immediately provide fields with the same credentials.

8.) El-Ahly will boycott all upcoming Arab championship matches because of the constant insults aimed towards the board by the Arab Football Federation.

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