Egypt Gifts World on Occasion of World Heritage Day

One day can really differ and that happened in Luxor over the past 24 hours.

Celebrating World Heritage Day, Tourism Minister Rania Al Mashat and Antiquities Minister Khaled Anani, alongside with scores of ambassadors and their wives, opened new archaeological sites and toured places which had been renovated.

Mashat and Anani witnessed the discovery of the first tomb ever found in the west bank of Luxor with several number of entrances. It belongs to a soldier called Djehuty Shed Sou who was the seal holder for the king of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt Kingdoms.

The 18-entrance tomb was discovered by an Egyptian archaeological team.

Mashat with Youssra and Laila Elwi
Mashat with Youssra and Laila Elwi

Mashat, accompanied by the two elegant Egyptian actresses Youssra and Leila Elwi, listened to a detailed explanation about the tomb and its wonderful inscriptions.

Mostafa Waziri Explains The Tomb's Inscriptions
Mostafa Waziri Explains The Tomb’s Inscriptions

The minister was interviewed by foreign media about the impact of this discovery on tourism in Egypt. She said the new discovery focused on industries which were common in ancient Egypt like leather tanning.

The tomb’s writings show building boats by paper reed and fishing!

The Tomb's Inscriptions
The Tomb’s Inscriptions

She also added that such discoveries encourage tourists to come again to Egypt and see these new sites.

Mashat during her interview with International Media
Mashat during her interview with International Media

Mashat expressed her delight for the presence of the ambassadors and actresses in an unofficial way, a matter which shows Egypt’s soft power and is also the main core of the ministry’s ‘People to People’ campaign.

And again, Egypt surprised the world on Thursday by unveiling the 60-ton colossus of King Ramses II at Luxor Temple after its reassemble by archaeological teams from the Supreme Council of Antiquities. It was broken into 50 pieces!

Dr. Zahi Hawass, who attended the event, delivered a speech in the presence of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli and other ministers..

Mashat and Anani also on Friday inaugurated Opet Temple in Karnak Temple after its rehabilitation. The temple is so attractive and catchy. Its colors are still in good condition.

Everyone felt like being a part of a big family working for showing a better image for Egypt for all the world.

It is worth mentioning that the ambassadors and their families were so impressed by visiting the archaeological sites and seeing their beauty; for example, Japan’s Ambassador Masaki Noke was so excited in his first-time visit to Luxor.

Today, Egypt rewrites the history again by uncovering wonderful buried artifacts and renovating heritage sites, a step which will expand the visiting options in the country.

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