“Hod Al- Remal” Culture Palace Inaugurated in Luxor

By Ali Abu Dashish
CAIRO, Mar. 17 (SEE)-Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture , Consultant Mostafa Elham, Governor of Luxor and Dr. Ahmed Awwad, Head of the General Organization of Culture Palaces, inaugurated “Hod Al- Remal ” culture palace. It is the first cultural center in Al-Zineyya city in Luxor.

Abdel-Dayem said that this palace is a real outlet for the people of Al-Zineyya villages and a cultural incubator for young people, children and the women in Upper Egypt. It is one of the minarets of enlightenment that shine in Upper Egypt.

She added that “Hod Al- Remal “Culture Palace is the first in the Al- Zineyya city and it is considered to be one of the most important cultural sites in Luxor. The cultural service is symbolized in the artistic and cultural programs that benefit more than 80,000 talented and creative citizens.

“Hod Al- Remal” Culture Place is built on a total area of 1000 meters, it includes :- two floors with a technology and information room, actors room, a main theater, halls for environmental crafts, plastic arts, and children’s activities.

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