Bride to Be!..What About Negative Vibes?

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 9 (SEE)- Tension, nervousness, anxiety and insomnia are most popular psychological disorders suffered by some brides few months before celebrating their BIG DAY.

These feelings affect ladies badly and prevent them from enjoying their new lives’ preparations.

They also can lead to a real desire to abandon marriage decision.

Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Hashem Bahri demonstrates reasons behind such strange feelings and what should be done by ladies to stop negative vibes.

Dr. Bahri said these kind of pre-wedding feelings are normal in Psychiatry and caused by the huge changes taking place in ladies’ life styles.

“New responsibilities that ladies are going to take play a crucial rule in their mood disorders”, he added.

“Another significant reason is, over thinking about success versus failure probabilities of this new experience besides putting dramatic scenarios for life after marriage”, he clarified.

To sooth stress during this period, professor of Psychiatry urged ladies not to engage in marriage preparations till the last moment; as a break of minimum 2 weeks helps them to relax.

“During break days, a bride should exercise, pursue healthy regime, sleep early for not less than 8 hours and take a good care of her hair and skin”, stressed by the doctor.

On the other hand, Dr. Bahi warned from drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee and Nescafe; as they worsen tension and make ladies more vulnerable to insomnia.

In the same context, Dr. Bahri urged ladies not to surrender to negative thoughts and focus instead on positive aspects like finding life partner and changing daily routine lasted over years.

The doctor pointed out that, thinking about starting a new life with new home, activities, outings, friends, relatives and neighbors will definitely help.

He continued, “Pregnancy and motherhood imagination instinctively makes any lady feels excited, cheerful and delighted”.

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