AUC Offers Scholarships to Egyptian Undergraduates

The American University in Cairo (AUC) will offer new scholarships to Egyptian undergraduates and international students applying for Fall 2019.

Said Sohair Saad, executive director of the Office of Financial Affairs and Scholarships at AUC said, “ AUC Liberal Arts Scholarship will provide 20 partial and full scholarships to students from Egypt, the region, and the US to study humanities and social sciences at AUC.”

University’s 100 years of excellence

In celebration of the University’s 100 years of excellence, innovation, and service, the university recently launched Centennial Scholarship Fund. This offers partial/full support and financial need for Egyptian undergraduates and international students who demonstrate outstanding academic qualifications.

“We have a number of outstanding opportunities for undergraduate students from all governorates in Egypt and especially for those in Upper Egypt,”  Saad said. “AUC continues to provide five full and/or partial annual scholarships to “Thanawiya amma” graduates from five governorates in Upper Egypt.

The University also offers a number of other scholarships like the Egyptian Public School Scholarship Fund, one of AUC’s most successful scholarship programs and AUC Scholarship for Refugees that offers full support to refugee students who wish to study at AUC.  Athletic Scholarship, which is an annual partial or full scholarship is provided to a select number of students who participate in University-sponsored sports.

This, in addition to the SU Scholarship, which is a partial scholarship that is awarded every Fall and Spring semester for continuing students and the Cultural Scholarship, which is an annual partial scholarship awarded every Fall semester.

Furthermore, Mohammed Bin Abdulkarim A. Allehedan Endowed Scholarship and Scientific Research Fund offers scholarships for Arab students interested in studying in the fields of basic science.

Ahmed Tolba, associate provost for strategic enrollment management said, “AUC also is also offering scholarships for international students from the US.”

Other Scholarships

AUC offers more than 90 scholarships to students supported by individuals and corporations. “Through the continuous generosity of many of our prestigious donors, AUC recruits and educates outstanding and eligible students coming from a number of diverse cities.”

During Fall 2019, more than 570 students received full and partial scholarships and more than 1700 students received financial aid. The number of students who will receive scholarships is also expected to increase next semester.

Saad explained that though the scholarships are competitive, AUC is always looking for students who are outstanding academically and have a passion for changing their communities.”

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