AUC in 100 Years..3 Historical Facts since Foundation

By: Ibrahim Eldeeb, Mai Shaheen and Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 9 (SEE)- American University in Cairo (AUC), established by an American team in 1919, is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Ceremonies are supposed to last for one year, focusing on the university’s leadership in educational and cultural services besides other innovation and creativity fields.

On this occasion, (SEE) reviews most important 3 historical facts.

Tahrir square Palace

The palace located in Tahrir square was the university’s first building and was established by Khedive Ismail in 1870.

At the beginning, it was a house for Ahmed Khairy Pasha, minister of education at that time.

After minister’s death, the palace was sold to Nestor Ganaklis, a greek businessman, who converted it to cigarette’s factory where “Helmar” tobacco products were produced and packed.

In 1908, the Egyptian university, known later as King Fouad University then Cairo University, hired the palace.

Later in 1919, the building was resold to Charles Watson, founding president of the American University in Cairo.

This Palace, the main unit over the University’s long history, is characterized by its marvelous architecture style.

AUC and Egyptian government Joint protocol

AUC is working in Egypt according to a protocol signed with the Egyptian government in 1975.

This protocol depended on cultural relations agreement signed between governments of both countries previously in 1962.

University’s campus in new Cairo

In 1997, AUC management decided to move to new Cairo, hence they held a successful fund raising campaign to collect 100 million dollars as construction funds.

In 2008, all academic programs were transferred from palace in Tahrir square to campus in new Cairo, which extended for 260 acres.

Finally, old palace was renewed and still offering continuing and vocational education programs alongside cultural and artistic events that serve area in central Cairo.

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