Apple to Exposes Digital Platform This Month 

By: Ahmed Yasser
CAIRO, Mar.14. (SEE)- Three years rumors first surfaced that the iPhone maker was developing a streaming service to take on  such as: ”Netflix and Hulu”.The company will  launch on March, a subscription based entertainment platform expected to complement the Apple TV and its roster of other gadgets.
Also, Apple may  offer some content that’s currently exclusive to other platforms like” Netflix and Hulu”, so it can pose itself as a digital media one stop shop.
Apple is spending billions making its own TV shows for distribution via the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad shows may also be available to watch on third party TV sets that offer AirPlay support. The project plans to spend $4.2bn on original programming by 2022, including $1bn in 2018.
 The firm sent out invites to its first launch event of the year  to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater on March 25 beginning at 1 p.m. The main attractions are expected to be the TV streaming service and a separate paid news service.
We do not expect to see anything such as “Game of Thrones” coming from Apple’s studios though. Apparently the company is not looking for sex or violence. Apple wants comedies and emotional dramas with broad appeal, like the ”NBC hit” and family shows like ”Amazing Stories”, according to Bloomberg.
The cost hasn’t been revealed either, but some analyst estimates have indicated that Apple’s streaming service could be notably more expensive than the cheapest Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video subscriptions which are all roughly $8 per month.

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