Alcatraz Legendary Prison Located in Hurghada

One of the tourist restaurants in Hurghada has taken an innovative idea to attract its customers, by building closed dungeon inside until the food is finished. It bears the name “Alcatraz”.

“Alcatraz” workers play the role of jailers and provide inmates –customers- with Kalbash and special numbers on their hats. The inmates do not get their meals except through that number.


The restaurant, which offers Italian meals by an Italian woman living with her husband in Hurghada, is located in the city gate close to the cargo village of Red Sea port.

History of  “Alcatraz” gaol

”Alcatraz” one of the most famous prisons in the world and is located on an island with the same name in San Francisco, USA. The restaurant presents real pictures of the most famous prison inmates and criminals.

This prison was reserved for escapees from other prisons, because escaping from island is impossible coupled with tight security forces around the surrounding, in addition the strict guarding throughout day. The walls of the prison building are very high and it is located on the sea filled with deadly sharks.

The quiet and gorgeous location is suitable for the prisoners psychological rehabilitation; it has produced several art works around the prison, especially, the escape attempts from it, such as; “Escape from Alcatraz” film, which narrates one of the most famous escape attempts. It is worth noting that 3 prisoners disappeared after reaching the Gulf waters, no one knew about their fate.

The island was used as a military prison in 1934 and it was purchased by the California governor from Mexico in 1847, before the legendary prison became a popular tourist shrine after its closure in 1963.

Contributed by Ahmed Yasser

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