Abul-Enein: Africa Needs to Adopt Japan’s Know-How Vision

By: Ali Abu-Dashish, Maydaa Abo-ElNadar

CAIRO, Mar. 11 (SEE)- Egyptian Businessman Mohamed Abul-Enein, the Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, said that the African continent requires Japan’s know-how technological schemes to utilize its natural resources and youthful human capital.

Egypt’s role within Africa is promising. “The investment opportunities exemplifies the optimistic reality of the ongoing development nationwide. And, there is an apparent global appreciation of the exerted efforts,” stressed Abul-Enein.

There are principle axes which promote the future of bilateral relations in-between Egypt and Japan embracing infrastructure, car manufacturing and engineering services.

“Indeed, the petrochemicals sector is the future,” assured Abul-Enein.

The black continent’s core obstruction is poor transportation, hindering communication and cooperation. Abul Enein clarified, “The CapeTown- Alexandria project entails financing and assessment to be as effective as China’s Silk Road and boost the continental added value.”

Abul-Enein pointed out that Japan’s ingress to Africa will rely on its motives.

“I call upon establishing a Japanese industrial zone of a distinguished nature, transcending existing ones. And, to combat bureaucracy, the schema should be outlined and managed by the Japanese,” he said

“President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi supports our Japanese friends and considers their invitations to global industrial conferences,” added Abul-Enein.

The businessman manifested that Japanese tourism needs to be revived. He made the remarks during moderating one of the “11th Joint Conference of the Japan-Egypt and Egypt-Japan Business Councils and Japan-Egypt Investment Forum’s” sessions.

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