86 Years Old Spring Festival.. Inspiring Past for Today’s Beauty

By: Nour El-hoda Fouad

Flowers have always been there in songs, indicating love, joy and hope.. this is especially noticed as we approach the spring season which almost covers lands with colourful flowers, spreading joy and relaxation.

‘SEE’ toured the ‘Spring Flowers Festival’ at Orman Park, which lasts for 40 days, bringing in millions in profits.  It is an open invitation to joy and an opportunity to renew positive energy. Indeed, you need not miss it.

The festival or the flower show is told to have been organized in the garden after the Khedive Ismail held a competition for the most beautiful flower. The competition was only opened for the elite people. However an ordinary farmer from Elgharbeya governorate applied, playing that he’s one of the elite, and luckily his flower won. The Khedive then called the flower after the name of his wife “Set elhosn” and granted the farmer an elite title but also decided to hold this competition annually.

Each year, the exhibition encompases different forms and types of flowers and ornamental plants as well as natural herbs. In addition, the companies of outdoor designs are participating, showing different tools of designing and looking after garden flowers.

A number of plant associations as well as the Ministry of Agriculture were also attending, displaying their health products. This year also saw the participation of some exhibitors of leather and pottery and natural decorative tools.

Worth noting that the festival brings in about 50 million EGP in revenues, as certain professionals and groups working in garden designs, including foreigners visit it regularly and buy in huge quantities.

It is worth mentioning that the Orman Park, which is located a few meters away from Cairo University and faces the zoo and the statue of Egypt’s Renaissance is one of Cairo’s finest gardens. It includes a large number of rare and exotic trees and plants selected from all around the world. It was one of the projects of Khedive Isma’il, which was established in 1875 for supplying the needs of royal palaces of food and fruits. Originally, it was located on an area of ​​95 feddans, encompases the current zoo, until both were separated and a road heading to the Cairo University was built. The park is today located on an area of  ​​28 feddans.

(contributed by: Yassmine ElSayed)

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