5 Tips for Effective Communication With Others

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb (SEE)- Effective communication with others leaves a very good impression about a person’s personality, culture and way of talking.

Here are some tips that will enable you to express feelings and convey messages clearly besides avoiding situations of misunderstanding.

Suitable topics

It’s very important to choose right topics that suit every single occasion.

For instance, it’s not allowed to speak about personal issues at work or funny things during funeral ceremonies.

Active listening

Being a good listener means you are listening more than you speak. So, avoid interruptions unless they’re necessary.

Furthermore, try to listen by all your senses and keep a steady eye contact with the speaker’s ones.

This way of communicating with others makes them feel comfortable while talking to you.

Other’s cultures and languages

Respecting others requires taking into consideration their cultural levels and languages before talking to them.

So, talking about country’s economic situation with an ignorant person is kind of pride, also using uncommon words while speaking will not serve you much.

Talks on dining tables

No worries to have nice talks while having meals but be careful to select pleasant or funny words and avoid talking about annoying or disgusting things.

Also, avert speaking while chewing food, and if you have to, just put one of your hands on your mouth.

Voice tone

In general talks, try to use a moderate voice tone which is not very low so no one can hear what you’re exactly saying or very loud like screaming.

Moreover, it’s important to stress on letters and pronounce words obviously to avoid repeated questions about what you are saying as well as many misunderstandings.

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