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From Taba to St. Catherine.. Amazing Trip Full of Unique, Rare Touches

Sun 01 Mar 2020 | 01:52 AM
Gehan Aboella

Several years passed before I could achieve my wish to visit such a very beautiful piece of land, which is really much like part of heaven.

The blue water of the sea, along with a clear skies above, and a handful of rare trees, all make amazing scenes which are getting ever more amazing because of the warm temperature during the winter. All of that enable all kinds of tourism, cultural, entertaining, and religious but also allow meditation lovers to practice in an unparalleled mode.

On the St. Catherine Gate

 Value of 'Taba'

The value of 'Taba' city is not only in its amazing nature but also because it does exist at the heart of Egypt, and was occupied in 1960s before it got liberated in a very brave war that involved military confrontation throughout negotiations and arbitrary.

The place was like a coast for Israel on the Gulf bay and enjoyed strategic importance for the port of Ilat, located between Aqaba port of Jordan and Taba bay of Egypt.

The area of Taba is relatively small (almost one kilometer), located between Egypt and Israel, in a unique area that oversees four neighbouring countries, and for which, Egypt has undergone a hrash legal battle in the international platforms because of Israel's allegations over its possession. The battle ended with a 1989 jurisprudence that spells Egypt's sovereignty over Taba.

The entrance to the city of Saint Catherine

The way took almost one and half hour from Taba to Saint Catherine in the "shaq Eltho'ban" new road, which itself is an amazing road, located between mountains and colorful rocks; it impresses all visitors and tourists, but gets more beauty during the snow fall time.

When you reach St. Catherine, and see Moses mountain beyond the church, you feel like it's a pilgrimage trip. The place really enjoys some pine privileges, as it's the only place on earth where Allah, the Almighty, gets to unveil for Prophet Moses; it is where the blessful tree exist as well as the scared bay and Moses well. It has some very good and scentful plants, unmatched in the world.

Inside the church are rare and original collectibles

St Catherine

The St Catherine church encompasses some artistic and architectural pieces which are rare along with its pillars that seldom would they be found in other antiques places. Even the materials that exist in the wooden ceiling of the church are made up of some rare raw , which makes the ceiling with its crafted art priceless.

Such amazing trip is only in need to more easy transportation, to cut short the lengthy road to the place. Air transportation is really needed to St. Catherine, and more care for Moses mountain whose climbing is the ultimate wish of all youth visitors.

Green trees in the bosom of the mountain

During a meeting with the governor, General Khaled Fouda, I asked when would St. Catherine be placed on the world tourism map as it deserves so? And he answered by explaining that he had a comprehensive vision to develop the place worth at 1 billion EGP.

He stressed that the city will be developed in all of its corners and that its airport will function again, 24 hours a day to transport tourists from all over the world.

Contributed by Yassmine el Sayed

Inscriptions and drawings inside the cathedral


 alkanisat fa hadn jabal musaa 24/5000 The church in the bosom of Mount Moses


Magic of nature and atmosphere

The hour of sunset in natural colors