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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Viral Photos Show Metres Of Missing Water in Sinai's Arish

Tue 21 Feb 2023 | 03:40 PM
Ahmed Emam

Egypt's Mediterranean coastal cities lost meters from their shoreline over the last couple of days – and while it’s probably due to the tides, many are speculating that this strange phenomenon resulted from recent earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

This week, photos emerged from around Sinai's Arish beaches having new layers of exposed rock and shore.

Meanwhile, Gaberoun lake in Libya appeared to have completely dried up, with small boats ending up deserted among smaller puddles.

In fact, tides are a very real and regular thing all over the world, and an ongoing atmospheric pressure over the region coupled with our planet’s current position when compared to the moon and the sun would usually lead to sights like these around this time of the year.

However, people and residents of the Sinai peninsula who have seen this happening time and time again have said what they’ve seen in the last three days is quite rare as far as its extent goes.

On the other hand, the explanations scientists offered have also differed quite drastically. In this regard, the international community The Watchmen’s Earth & Space Connection said: “the truth needs to be told”, connecting the phenomenon to the recent slew of powerful earthquakes which have allegedly caused “cracks in the seas’ floors.”

“If we continue to see this then it means the Mediterranean Sea floor is dropping,” the America-based page said yesterday morning.

“Now we just need to see how it plays out. I can’t predict the exact magnitude or exact time, but we need to be alert this week.”